Pratilipi, getting Indians back to the reading habit

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Netflix’s entry in India, has met with mixed reaction, and whether it makes a mark remains to be seen. However, one point that everyone is unanimous about is the need for Netflix to develop content that will appeal to local Indian audience. Where newspapers across the world are on its way out, the Indian Readership Survey (IRS) still puts regional Indian language dailies in the green, as they continue to add subscribers and grow.

It is this opportunity that startup Pratilipi spotted and tapped into. Of an estimated 750 million literate population in India, 650 million can read and write only in their native language. However the choice of good quality content in local languages is very limited. An estimated 400,000 Indian language books are published each year by Indian authors, who rarely even get royalty for their printed work. As high as 95% regional language authors are deprived of…

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2 thoughts on “Pratilipi, getting Indians back to the reading habit

  1. Congratulations to Pratilipi team for the excellant work done and achieviments in

    a short period.

    I am glad to have associated as a contributor of my works from very begnining

    of Pratilipi.


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